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Training Programs


Executive Training and Development has become the need of the hour due to fast changing and dynamic work environment. Inputs to foster change management, leadership, problem solving, understanding money matters, resource management, result orientation, increasing efficiency, effectiveness and productivity are becoming necessary for growth in all types of organisations.


We at Jaipur Productivity Centre, Jaipur are engaged in providing training inputs to various levels in organisational hierarchy. Broadly, two types of training activities are conducted:

1) Inter-Organisation: In these short term training programmes delegates from different organisations across the country participate. These programmes are organised to create appreciation of the managerial techniques, approaches and ideas. The sharing of experiences by the participants from different organisations and backgrounds enrich the deliberations.

2) Intra-Organisations: These training programmes are organised for participants from one organisation in order to meet some specific requirements. These programmes are usually  specifically designed for the homogeneous group of participants. 


These training activities are conducted by senior consultants of JPC along with experts from the field with relevant subject experience.


Forthcoming Residential Programmes

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